My Starbucks Rewards

WHO: Starbucks

WHAT: My Starbucks Rewards

COST: Free

HOW IT WORKS: Pay for your Starbucks beverages using a registered Starbucks card and you’ll earn 1 star for each transaction.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Everyone starts out at the Green level and receives…
-A free beverages of your choice on your birthday

-Free beverage customization – you can get syrup and milk options (like soy) on the house

-Free refills on brewed coffee or tea

-Free tall beverage of your choice with a 1lb whole bean coffee purchase

-Free trial offers

PLUS: Collect 30 stars and you’re at the Gold level for one year. Another 30 stars keeps you at the gold level for the following year. You get all of the green level rewards, plus:

-Free beverage every 15 stars

-A personalized gold card – because who doesn’t like something shiny with their name on it (ok – maybe just the fab4less girl?).

-Personalized offers and coupons – tailored to just the things you like to enjoy.


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