Target takes aim at Canada

On, January 13, I was lured out of hibernation… Finally a feel good news story that made me want to break out into a happy dance.

Target (pronounced Tar-zhey in many cross border shopping circles) is coming to Canada and will open 100-150 stores – holla!  The only sad news is that we’ll all have to wait until 2013 for the first stores to open up in a mall near us.

How will they expand into Canada? Simple – they bought Zellers for a cool $1.8 billion! Now, before you pull out your tissues and lament the loss of another Canadian retailer, it’s worthwhile to note that Zellers (a.k.a. Hudson’s Bay Company or HBC) sold its soul to corporate America back in 2006.

And, Target has always believed in strengthening the communities where it does business. Did you know that Target gives about US$175 million annually, or more than US$3 million a week, to support programs that improve the lives of Target guests, team members and communities?  This means that as the company expands its presence in Canada, it will also extend its commitment to donate 5 percent of its  income back to each new community it enters.

I’d say this is going to make everyone a winner – quality merchandise at affordable prices, more jobs for Canadians (at the store and for all those renovations) and support of local communities.

Now, the big question, how similar will the merchandise be? And can we expect the big red Bullseye to deliver those amazing designer diffusion lines to Canadians?

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