Sephora: Endless Color Blockbuster

I woke up yesterday morning and what did my tired eyes see? An epic dream palate also known as the Endless Color Blockbuster.

If you haven’t already tried Sephora collection products, this is a DO NOT MISS opportunity that will not leave you feeling disappointed. With an endless of choice of  products (187 to be exact) to play with,  you’ll never have to run to the mall before a big night out – which is convenient considering the holiday party season will soon be upon us.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but this incredible and limited edition kit contains:

Sephora Endless Color Blockbuster - $62

• 98 totally original, iridescent effect eyeshadow shades
• 70 shiny lip glosses
• 6 cream eyeliners
• 2 lip liners
• 3 eyeliners
• mini mascara
• 4 applicators

Valued at over $562, this make-up lover’s collection is being sold for  just $62 and definitely guarantees to have you looking fab for less.

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