Town Shoes: Exclusive Sho-Aholic Offer

Town Shoes is holding a hand bag event.

$25 off any bag over $100

$50 off any bag over $175

Get your coupon here.

Hurry offer ends October 28, 2010.

Town Shoes Red Carpet Collection bag - $128

It’s understood that not everyone considers a $100+ bag to be fab 4 less, but I say that the price really is relative to what the original design would cost. Let’s use the Red Carpet Collection satchel. This bag is inspired by the celeb coveted Hermès Birkin Bag, which costs upwards of $3,500 and is just one example of many!

You’ll probably use your bag daily, so it’s important to try to find one made well enough to last the season or longer, especially if you find yourself really in love it.

When in doubt, I refer to the cost per wear theory a.k.a. amortization:
Cost of the item divided by the # times you’ll wear it, divided by the $ of years you’ll use it for. If you’re at peace with the answer to that equation, it’s simple buy it and enjoy it!

One per customer. Present coupon at any Town Shoes location.

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