Lovely lace

When I think of lace, it conjures up memories of coffee table doilies, curtains and wedding dresses.

American Apparel El Salvador Lace Tee

Until today…. when I felt LOVE at first sight for  American Apparel’s El Salvador Lace Tee. It made my day. The delicate  lace pattern. The simple, yet elegant cut. The fitted, but draped fit.  This gorgeous and not so basic t-shirt impressed me by it’s versatility. It can be worn with everything from skinny jeans, dress pants to a pencil skirt. And, it can take you from day to night; season after season. While the flapper vibe this pattern gives off, may not be for everyone, there are still at least 5 other lace patterns and 3 colours to choose from.

I’m excited to rock this trend.

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